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Education is the engine of social change & Trueway Global Education has taken up the challenge of bringing every individual to the doorsteps of quality education in international universities and colleges at affordable costs. India is a country which does not have sufficient educational infrastructure to provide quality education to all the aspiring students. As a leading education consultancy company Trueway Global Education salutes the overseas universities and colleges that have shown special interest to admit Indian students in their campuses.

With its corporate office in Calicut in the God’s Own Country of Kerala, Trueway Global Education specializes exclusively in overseas education in countries like Australia, UK, USA, New Zealand etc. Our main objective is in assisting students to make the right choice in pursuing their education in educational institutions abroad facilitating an easier and hassle-free admission process.

Trueway Global Education is the brainchild of a team of professionals who are experts in education with proven skills in education guidance and career counseling. Today Trueway Global Education is being recognized as the true gateway for overseas education and migration for the aspiring candidates. Many students and grown-ups have reaped the benefits of our programs and proper placement in the right universities. The core values of transparency, honesty and ethics have led this organization to its purpose of social well-being.

Leveraging on its core values and the experience of our professionals, Trueway Global Education helps the students and parents to arrive at correct decisions regarding the programs, overseas institutions and destinations by appraising them with correct and transparent information. The expertise & uniqueness of the Trueway model and makes it the right gateway for landing at the right destination of overseas education and thus to build and further your career prospects. The Trueway Global team of professionals provides help to identify the professional goals, enabling students to take wiser academic decisions, and gives personal guidance to help choose courses that perfectly fit their goals The driving force behind the formation of Trueway Global Education is Social commitment and a passion for being a part of building the nation. We make use of this opportunity to help create efficient managers, talented engineers, competent medical professionals & constructive leaders all with international standards.

Trueway Global Education is now all set to offer its valuable services throughout India for the benefit of aspiring students to access International education at the least cost and within the shortest time band possible.

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